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Inside Muscle, You'll Discover:
  •  The Completely Done-For-You, Zero Guesswork Workout Program To Gain Pounds Of Draw-Dropping Muscle Without Spending Long Hours In The Gym
  •  The Ultimate Flexible Diet Plan That Allows You To Eat What You Want And Build Lean Muscle While Still Having 6-Pack Abs 
  •  Exercise Execution Demonstration Guide So You Can Add Mass & Strength While Defeating Your Crappy Genetics… Forever.
If you would like to learn a secret way of building rock-hard muscle without sacrificing hanging out with your friends, eating out at your favorite restaurants, and going out on hot dates...
Then Here's How A Skinny-Fat Rocket Scientist From Canada Did It, And How You Can Do The Same Thing Today...

I walked into an empty gym and looked around. Even with zero people there, I was intimidated. Dumbbells, bars, plates, and machines: a bodybuilder’s paradise. And I was a deer in the headlights.

I wanted to get jacked. I wanted a six-pack. I wanted a body that could get me a high school sweetheart. So I did what any other beginner would do. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and did some sit-ups and biceps curls.

I was about 17, and I was fed up with being trapped in an ugly body. I was skinny-fat and had zero confidence. I was sick of being single and of not having the courage even to talk to a girl. Why would a girl talk to me? I had a terrible body.

I remember going to high school parties, getting drunk, and trying to talk to the girls I had crushes on. They wanted nothing to do with me. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. 
Like You, I was so embarrassed by my body that I tried to hide it by wearing baggy clothes...
I was hiding my body, while the high school jocks showed off their physiques and dated the girls I liked. 

I kept lifting throughout high school and made zero progress. I thought “well, I’m doing the work, and nothing’s happening, so it’s obviously my genetics. I’m doomed forever.”

I continued to fail until I went to university for Aerospace Engineering. This time, I told myself, “I’m going to do everything right. I’m going to do what’s supposed to work for guys like me, and I’m going to track my macros: calories, carbs, proteins, and fats. If I don’t gain muscle, then I’ll know it’s my genetics.”

I weighed 150 lb. when I left home for university at the end of August. A few months later, I returned for Christmas break a lean 177 lb. I walked in the door, and my brother took one look at me and said, “holy crap…your neck is huge!”

My fitness journey was under way.

The problem was that while I looked jacked on the outside, I still hated my life on the inside.

I was a slave to eating 6-meals per day. I was trapped in the gym for hours each and every day. I had to say "no" to parties, social gatherings, and hot dates.

I traded in a great lifestyle for a great body...

And I wasn't any happier.

My life sucked.

This happens to many guys, and I don't want this to happen to you.

You can build a lean, jacked, muscular body and still go out with friends.

You can build a lean, jacked, muscular body and eat your favorite foods.

You can build a lean, jacked, muscular body and go out on hot dates.

You see, over the past decade, I experimented with different fitness and nutrition techniques. There had to be a way to build a great body while also living an awesome life.
You'll finally discover a stupid-simple solution to building an incredible body while living an incredible life.
I’ve tried numerous approaches to and read everything I could about building muscle. I’ve finally discovered a stupid simple solution to building an incredible body while living an incredible life. I've distilled everything I've learned into this book. 

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced trainee, this book will help you achieve fantastic results. This is the book I wish I’d had when I started training. If I’d known then what I know now, I’d probably be 15 lb. heavier, leaner, and stronger. 

This book will allow you to finally build a jacked, lean, and muscular body...

But you won't have to sacrifice your lifestyle.

You can eat like a king.

You can train hard in the gym without training for hours at a time.

You can go out with friends, go to parties, drink cocktails, go on hot dates, and have 100% complete control over your life and your body...

Instead of being trapped in your body, you are free to actually live your life.

This book is your ticket to freedom. Welcome to Muscle. 
HERE’S A SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT You’ll Discover Inside of Muscle:
  •  5 lies all fitness gurus tell men about building muscle.
  •  Training each body part once per week builds muscle, right? Wrong.
  •  When it's OK to lift light weights.
  •  The 7 best protein sources for muscle.
  •  A secret "back door" method to building muscle while lifting baby weights.
  •  How to build a lean and jacked body by eating pizza, ice cream, and drinking beer.
  •  A scientifically proven method (discovered by the University of Tampa) to building muscle quickly (regardless of your current size and strength).
  •  The one training secret Steve Reeves (perhaps the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time) used to build an aesthetic body that women love and other men envy.
  •  The incredible muscle building secret (used by both Arnold Schwarzenegger and recovering cancer patients) that lets you build muscle while laying on the couch, eating potato chips, and watching Netflix.
  •  A sneaky way to build muscle while you sleep.
  •  How to get your body to shred fat during the day, and build muscle at night while you sleep.
  •  A popular "vegetable" that can make you fat as a whale.
  •  A dieting hack so effective, you'd gladly get kicked in the nuts to learn it.
  •  What many people do in their workouts that actually sabotages their gains.
  •  How you should train if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced (HINT: as you become bigger and stronger, your workout program NEEDS to change).
  •  How to go out for dinner, order what you want, and use that food to build muscle instead of fat.
  •  How to gain 30lbs of muscle your 1st year of training, 15lbs of muscle your 2nd year of training, 7lbs of muscle your 3rd year of training, and 2-3lbs of muscle every year after that.
  •  How to get super stronger, super fast.
  •  The best workout split for your body type and training experience.
  •  The "lean bulk" cycle.
  •  The 5 best supplements for building muscle (and which ones to avoid wasting your money on).
  •  How to build the body of your dreams and be happy with your life.
  •  The #1 WORST mistake you can make with your workouts when training at the gym. (Even if you do everything else "right", your workouts will fall apart if you make this common mistake nobody talks about.)
  •  Four exercises that will NEVER build muscle. (When I stopped doing these 4 exercises, my gains shot through the roof.)
  •  Full body splits. The easiest way to build muscle quickly. Amazing! Page 55.
  •  How to use big compound lifts to explode your muscle gains... no matter how crappy your genetics are. (For example, you'd be amazed at how easily the bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, and squats can build muscle over your entire body!)
  •  Why you should do close-grip bench press if you want bigger triceps.
  •  The real reason why you're not building muscle.
  •  And much, much more...
What People Are Saying:
I wish I had this book when I first started lifting.  Any guy can use this to gain their first 50 lbs of muscle.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to build muscle without having to sacrifice their lifestyle.
- Alain Gonzalez
Jason's book is life-changing.  I've been using his principles to build muscle and move up a weight class for fighting. The best part is that I can still eat what I want and not get fat or have to bulk up or lose my abs.
- Mike Zhang
I really loved Muscle.  The workouts are super simple and they work like crazy.  It's worth grabbing the book just to learn Jason's favourite shoulder exercises.  I can't believe how easy it is to build muscle with this book.
- Peter Tzemis
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